Saturday, 12 March 2016

8 Ideas to get you back into the garden

Those of you in warmer climes might have never left the garden, but I most certainly spent the larger part of winter inside and tucked under a multitude layers. Now, however, is the time to shine – or look reasonably bright but cloudy, as the weather currently is in south Wales. 

To perk up the imagination after winter, I thought a few ideas wouldn’t go amiss!

1    Fairy gardens!

I’ve been meaning to these for a while now because they look like they’d be such fun to make. Seeing as they’re a blank canvas, they can be slotted into almost any garden design – bright annuals for a quirky courtyard, or herbs and succulents for a cooler, more modern design. 

2 Single colour palettes

You could go brave with this year’s garden design and choose a single colour to stick to. They can be beautiful, such as the pictured white palette. Although it is wonderful to look at, I don’t know if I could pull myself away from all the vibrant colours on offer during summer – so it might have to be an all-white container, for me. 

3 Create a mini pond

Give your local critters a helping hand by creating a mini pond. You don’t need to have buckets of space to do this, just a bit of spare time. Give it a little while and you’ll be able to enjoy the dragonflies whizzing about as you relax in your garden! 

4    Build raised beds

This is a particularly good idea if you find your back getting achy after a stint of planting, as bring the bed up means you don’t have to go so far down – you could even set up a small chair to rest on. Raising the bed can also add well-needed drainage to a clay area. Besides the practicalities, raised beds allow you to add layers and height to your garden design. 

5 Grow a wildflower garden

Want a slice of the wild in your back garden? A wildflower patch can be a welcome break from formal designs, as well as a welcome change for the birds and bees in your local area. Last summer, my local council planted swathes of wildflowers along the roads and they looked stunning come July. 

6 Jazz up your vegetable patch

Orange carrots, white cauliflower, green brussels sprouts – ringing a bell, anyone? There are so many different versions of our dinner plate staples which can add a little pizazz to any meal. Have a search around to find veg you wouldn’t normally grow to add an extra bit of excitement come harvest time. Romanesco broccoli is a particular favourite of mine. 

7 Grow peonies

Peonies must be one of my favourite flowers. They’re wonderfully perfumed, look stunning and make for an impressive display. Another bonus is that they suit practically any type of garden: cottage, formal or eclectic. They won’t necessarily bloom when first planted, so prepare to invest a little more time to get the desired display. 

8 Go for a trip to a new garden

Visiting other gardens is, I think, the best source of inspiration. It is great that you’re able to search millions of ideas online, but seeing the real thing in person is quite a different experience. Experience the scent and layout, play pick-a-mix with the parts you love and – most of all – get out in the open and enjoy being a garden lover! 

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